BVC’s Metrology Department delivers the most accurate and consistent documentation and verification of anyone in the industry. From AS9102 FAI reports, reverse engineering, tool alignment and setup (both at BVC and at customer’s facilities) BVC offers our customers a broad spectrum of Metrology and Quality Control services using cutting edge technology and the latest inspection software.

Reverse Engineering

Have legacy tooling before 3D modeling? Have parts that you would like to replicate but either don’t have the tooling or don’t have the CAD model(s)? With BVC’s reverse engineering services we can, either at BVC or your facility, scan your parts or tools to create full 3D CAD models whatever the application.

  • Digital surface and feature verification
  • AS9102 compliant First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Complex tool assembly setup
  • Inspect and verify CNC machines
  • Qualify tools and equipment at customer’s facilities

Equipment Used

  • FARO
  • API
  • MTS