Production or Long Run Tools/Molds are durable investments that produce high quality parts for hundreds of cycles or more. We manufacture tooling for open molding, resin infusion (VIP), RTM, LRTM, VARTM, Autoclave and prepreg oven cure processes. Production Tooling/Molds are produced from the CNC patterns/plugs. Again there are many different ways to produce these tools, and our customer’s process will dictate the most economical and durable build process. BVC can also fabricate Hand Router Fixtures (HRF), Vacuum Hold Down Fixtures, Verification Fixtures and Caul Plates to complete a production tool set.


Production Mold Features

  • Tooling gelcoat surface
  • Open Molded or Vacuum Infused structural face sheets
  • Fiberglass/Tooling Resin Composite
  • Wood or Steel tube support structure
  • CTE matched composite “egg-crate” support structure

High Temperature Tooling

  • Single Vacuum infused tooling face sheets
  • E-Glass/Epoxy or Carbon Fiber/Epoxy
  • Matched CTE support structures, utilizing composite egg-crate and/or steel

Production Tooling Options

  • Integrated electric resistive heating systems
  • Integrated vacuum ports
  • Hydraulic, manual mold turning systems
  • H20 Heating and Cooling
  • Dimensional tolerance metrology reports
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) verification
  • First article verification
  • Maintenance
  • On site commissioning