We produce a broad spectrum of tooling projects for the marine Industry. With a background in custom yacht building, we understand the industry’s manufacturing requirements and provide high quality tooling to meet every project need. We have built patterns and molds from kayaks to custom mega yachts. One advantage that BVC has over most other tooling facilities is that we have had the opportunity to build marine components from our own tooling. To date, BVC has produced more than 100 hulls, ranging from multi-nation military to custom yachts.

Our first projects had a wide scope of work, resulting in turn-key vessels. BVC assisted in the 3D modeling of a custom yacht, tooling manufacture, engineering design and construction of the vacuum infused composite components, complete assembly, including the propulsion, electrical and hydraulic outfitting and full commissioning of four 42’ – 55’ Northwest Trawlers. Bayview Composites became an award winning yacht builder having built the Northwest 50 that won the People’s Choice Award at the May 2009 Trawler Fest in Anacortes, Washington.